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People in Places

WayFinder connects people and places. After all, aren't people what make places interesting?

There are two ways to experience the WayFinder. The first is to explore the area around you and to join a conversation. The second is to start a conversation of your own.

Once you've joined or started a chat, you can exchange photos, tips, or carry on a conversation in the context of the location.

racut's WayFinder makes it easy for you to find people in interesting places.

Easy and Anonymous

racut is designed so you can be anonymous as you want. Choose a profile picture, craft a witty bio, and you're on your way.

You don't have to tell us where you went to school, what your favorite color is and if you're in a relationship. (If you couldn't guess, our favorite color is mint and we're single.)

racut is social networking, at it's best - easy and on your terms.

Go create a racut handle right now.


Elastic Chat

Elastic Chat

Sure, racut charms you with a great chat experience - but, that's not the only thing you'll fall for. racut's Elastic Chat technology lets you stretch time while staying in the present.

The traditional chat experience is temporary. You say something and it disappears into the ether. With Elastic Chat, when you share a photo or a thought, it becomes a part of that location's history.

Imagine it's your first time visiting a location. If you're on racut, you can open WayFinder, find the history of that location and go back in time. If others are chatting there in the present, you can still join in - even while reading and viewing content from the past.

That's Elastic Chat - just another reason to racut.

Shout it out

We know you'll love Shout - and we're not just saying that because it's our favorite feature.

Shout helps you share news, information, and so much more with the people around you. Just type in a message, tag a location, and publish. Your message will automatically appear in all racut Shout feeds within a generous radius of the tagged location.

Shout can turn anyone into an insider. It's just another feature that makes racut different from other social networks - you don't need to friend, follow, or hashtag to make an impact.

If you're not in the mood to share, don't worry - reading your Shout feed is just as awesome. Just scan it and find what's important to you. With racut and Shout working together - your next great experience is never far away.

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